Building Innovation


The term innovation has become a cliché in the modern days. Even a naïve man from the remote area uses this term. Though they may not know the clear cut meaning of this word, all the persons yet know what they mean by it. As rightly said by David Burkes, a Professor of Management and a bestselling author, innovation is” The application of ideas that are novel and useful. Creativity, the ability to generate novel and useful ideas, is the seed of innovation but unless it’s applied and scaled, it’s still just an idea”. Further adding, it must be systematic and sustained for long. It is our urge to bring change in the structure, administration and organization through some new dimension in thinking, using effective tools and procedures.

About Innovation building Training program

We have worked out a challenging training schedule to the business executives, heads of organizations and others who aspire to lead their units in brilliant ways to the pinnacles of success and achieve their goals. The program consists of in built vibrant platform for active participation and interactions using tools and strategies. It is focusing on various factors like team building, communication abilities, good leadership skills blend together to give highly consummate experience to the trainees.

Training Objectives


Right vision and right perspectives

Stages of innovation – techniques and tools

Generation of new idea and collaborative Development

Building innovative – sustaining ideas

Building innovation culture and teams


We provide this useful opportunity at our office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The course will be offered through expert talks, demos, videos and presentations. Good interactive sessions to build up a healthy class atmosphere and understanding. Concepts are framed in to convenient modules selectively chosen to cater to the needs of the trainees in real world situations. It makes concrete efforts to boost up various concepts and strategies of building innovation, challenges, problems and solutions. Through case studies and creating platform for interactions and views on self expressions

Who Can Attend?

This program helps those professionals who would like to look forward for completing tasks their effectively and innovatively and in time. To those who take up work and activities which are completely out of box in nature. The entrepreneurs who strive to achieve their goals in a unique style and garner the attention and admiration of competitors as well as enjoy reputation and good will from their customers. The trainees would get valuable ideas, hands on experience, shared views to carry home well informed and well equipped.

Program Outline

Week Module Learning Objectives
1 Overview of the program Defining Innovation and types of innovation. Focusing on importance of innovation and how it could bring wonders in any business spheres and benefit the entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, individuals and so on.
2 Developing Right vision and Right perspectives Need for understanding and focusing on the vision formed of the present business concerns and other professionals and the right perspectives before entering innovative spheres.
3 Discussion on stages of innovation and steps for bringing effective innovation. Learning about forming innovative team, governing structure, scaffolding the learning inputs with strong tools and devices to build up strong and sustainable innovation ideas for growth.
4 Generation of new ideas, creative and critical thinking- transforming inner capabilities to company or business gains through right degree of innovation and its intelligent application Bringing awareness on ways of generating ideas- using inner capabilities to boost innovation. To accept change in positive way and moving on for bringing innovation and profits and name to the organization.
5 Building innovation and achieving its sustenance for long to reach organizational milestones and goals. Developing innovative culture in the work place. Ways of achieving effective innovation and making it to sustain for long to reach milestones and goals- building innovative teams and innovative culture among people.
6 Action Plan and Summing Up Get valuable tips to reflect on the learning and consolidate them for practical implementation. Includes session to address questions of course participants