Creative Thinking


Creativity is that kind of ability in humans to think and do the things in a different way. Every one thinks in one particular method. This again is based on the time, place, situation and vulnerable to his experiences of his past and present. The question arises is whether creativity is a born gift or it is acquired at the later stages of growth. It is quite a debatable topic. Even it is inborn, it has to be groomed further, so creativity can be nurtured by giving good time and opportunity for practice. Basically it is a challenge to your potential, and the result is creativity and innovation.

Creativity and innovation are the order of the day in any field. Our changing mobile phones are the simple examples to understand how creative and innovative the mobile manufacturers are!

About Creativity Thinking Training Program

Our exclusive corporate training program helps professionals to reinvigorate their thought process and channelize it well. A positive atmosphere is created for the learners to give ample opportunities to know various tools and techniques of creative thinking and how they help in breaking boundaries.

Creative Thinking Training Objectives

Defining Creative

Discussion of generation of alternative ideas

Use of left brain and right brain - creative and analytical

Knowing about types of creative thinking

Right perception –experience-evaluation

Developing Creative

Developing Creative abilities-external and internal

Bridging ideas and Brainstorming

Knowing about types of creative thinking


The course will be offered through with tailor made -class modules in our office based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The course reveals gradually main factors, case discussions, creative thinking skill building exercises and tools. We also invite guest speakers to our office to provide thorough inputs with their practical experiences. These sessions throw light on how and what way creative thinking skills are developed to meet the needs of challenges in the business world. Provide hands on experience to the seekers that would help apply what is taught in the practical sense. One would be able to create strategies and sharpen their abilities through these well monitored and executed classes.

Who Can Attend?

This program helps those professionals who would like to promote their concerns and organizations People who work behind the stage to promote the trade and business. The persons who are in research and development of various business organizations who depend on creative brains all the time. It is extremely ideal for executives at any level from any industry. The global nature of the program makes it suitable for business developers, product managers, fresh entrepreneurs, and other who aspire to promote their line of trade or profession in the present situation where change is key word and innovation is the back bone and brain of it.

Program Outline

Week Module Learning Objectives
1 Overview of the program - defining Creative thinking and its methods and benefits. Focusing on importance of creative thinking in the modern scenario where ‘change’ is the key factor and ‘innovation’ is the word the people look forward to
2 Methods of generating new ideas – use of left brain and right brain. Provides insights into the ways and means of generating ideas and approaching new ideas- applying creative and critical thinking in the business perspectives.
3 Promoting right perception about the existing ideas before stepping into new ideas and experience and evaluating the created situation. Promoting Creative culture Learn how to perceive things rightly and experience and evaluate the existing situations. Applying right attitude to do the things in creative way and stay committed to achieve them.
4 Discussion on methods to develop creative thinking skills through external and internal forces. We will introduce the trainees about the ways of developing this skill through external and internal factors
5 Take away session with an exposure to individual experience- role of Brainstorming and Bridging the Gap activities – Know about different types of creative thinking. Tools and strategies of building creative thinking abilities in learners through demos, brainstorming, bridgapping mind mapping activities. Know about logical, analytical etc.
6 Action Plan and Summing Up Get valuable tips to reflect on the learning and consolidate them for practical implementation. Includes session to address questions of course participants