Expertise Programs


The word expertise is to acquire complete knowledge and awareness about one particular concept. Certain levels of expertise are very essential to sail successfully in market, business sectors, manufacturing units etc. Every productive economy depends upon its business sectors, production sector, and distribution sectors that work well to bring a best harmony in the economy. If each of these works in compartments and do not have proper promotional links then the whole economy suffers no matter their business is gaining or reaching their targets. We need to focus on areas such as manufacturing competitiveness and its longevity in the said field.

Manufacturing competitiveness means sustained growth and earnings through building customer loyalty-by creating high value products-in very dynamic global markets.

About Our Expertise Training Program

Our Expertise Training Program ensures aspiring that people acquire cutting edge expertise and capabilities to begin, build and sustain the businesses or production units or whatever the trade or marketing. The training modules drive in challenging views and concepts to the business folks and entrepreneurs so that they can perceive their business activities in totality including the national and global markets.

Training Objectives

Our training session has been programmed to suit all size businesses, manufacturing or productive units who would look forward to possess in depth expertise in the gambit of their respective fields. The training team consists of concept experts to bring clearly the business ethos to the floor. Following are key areas of discussions.

Building Manufacturing Competitiveness

Distribution and Agile Supply Chain

Excellence in Project Management

Theory of


Business Analysis for Software Industry


The course will be offered through intensive in-class modules in our office based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Course content is well framed keeping the various factors in to consideration. It is inclusive of faculty presentations, case discussions, skill building exercises and personal care and coaching. We also invite guest speakers to our office to provide thorough inputs with their practical experiences. These sessions throw light on how and what way creative skills can be developed.

We also provide assignments that would help apply what is taught in the practical sense. One would be able to create strategies and sharpen their abilities through this endeavor.

Who Can Attend?

This program helps those professionals who would like to align their business products from production to the customers or clients through effective strategies of supply chain. It promotes the business entrepreneurs, producers, markets and those who are making bold attempts to streamline the business in its consummate form. The expertise once acquired help the trainees to gain individually and also become valid contributors to the growth of economy.

Program Outline

Week Module Learning Objectives
1 Objectives and Desired Outcomes Overview of the program and understanding the desired outcomes of participants
2 The modalities of building manufacturing competitiveness (The process and procedures to add value to your products). Provides insights into new and several ways and opportunities for sustaining the existing business or project and to enjoy customers’ loyalty towards your products.
3 Business Skills for New Manager Gain the crucial foundational skills to help you shift from being an individual contributor to a manager who gets results
4 Discussion on various stages of planning, initiating, executing, closing of the projects on hand. We will introduce the trainees about the different stages of project management to build up a strong team of workforce to execute the work from the beginning stages to the ending stages maintaining unparallel ways and modalities.
5 A session to throw light on various business constraints (Creating in depth knowledge how to handle constraints and arriving at solutions) Brings in wider scope of improving the business and its objectives restricting the major constraints faced day by day by the business community, manufacturers and other prospective entrepreneurs including the young minds who want to give a shape to their upcoming businesses.
6 Action Plan and Summing Up Get valuable tips to reflect on the business constraints and necessary solutions. It also focuses on the complete study of business projects on hand and makes a strong analysis to turn it into good gains