Emotional Intelligence


In general, Emotional Intelligence in one of the most valuable assets a person could possess. It is acquired by all of us through immense efforts that yields to a better and effective inter relationship – develops harmony and registers a great quality of life and well being. Emotional intelligence also known as Emotional quotient has been ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top 10 skills that the employees and professionals need to possess in them.

In the business arena also we recommend Emotional Intelligence, since it kindles the inner urge in people to achieve something big and something perfect and that drives them towards a better performance. When Emotional Intelligence is instilled in the businesses it boosts up healthy internal and external relations, it helps to know yourself, your business aims and your actions better. All these lead to a good brand name and good product of yours and that is optimism.

About Emotional Intelligence Training Program

In the first order, our Emotional Intelligence Training Program ensures a strong inner appeal or quest to develop Emotional Intelligence within.It provides a suitable framework to discuss and understand the vital roles of Emotional Intelligence in people to promote conducive work atmosphere, good inter personal relation and work ethics. This brings clear and distinctive awareness among people and professionals who are aspiring for a better business tomorrow.

Training Objective

Factors of Emotional Intelligence

EQ as a criterion for promoting people and business.

Building motivational skills through EI

EI in adapting changes in work and social circles.

EQ in treating conflicts
at work

EI towards complete health and stress relief.


The course will be offered through expertise with tailor made -class modules in our office based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The course reveals gradually main factors, case discussions, skill building exercises and personal care and coaching. We also invite guest speakers to our office to provide thorough inputs with their practical experiences. These sessions throw light on how and what way creative skills can be developed.

We also provide hands on experience to the seekers that would help apply what is taught in the practical sense. One would be able to create strategies and sharpen their abilities through these well monitored and executed classes.

Who Can Attend?

This program helps those professionals who would like to present their best coordination, personal, intra personal skills to promote good relations and gains in business or any field that they are pursuing. The persons who are striving to bring out the best work atmosphere, work ethics as an added feature to their businesses and production units and other service oriented sectors. It helps at large to the organizational people who have wider operations and various divisions under their hierarchy.

It is extremely ideal for executives at any level from any industry. The global nature of the program makes it suitable for business developers, product managers, fresh entrepreneurs, and other who aspire to promote their line of trade or profession. It is also a learning experience to those young students emerging in the business world.

Program Outline

Week Module Learning Objectives
1 Overview of the program and methods of improving factors of EI. Focusing on importance of expressing and controlling emotions, understand others emotions and responding focus on self analysis, self regulation, empathy and inter relations
2 Motivational skill – methods and its end results - discussion Provides insights into new and several ways to improve motivational skills against the challenges.
3 Adapting right EI to the changing persecutions and spectrum Learn how to make or interpret adapt right choice of emotions from the existing trends and realities that turn out to be good business opportunities.
4 Discussion on conflict management We will introduce the trainees about the existing and futuristic trends , how to manage the conflict situations in the professional circles
5 Take away session with an exposure to individual experience- role of EI and case studies. EI. In forming healthy body and mind that is essential for every individual of any line or profession. How can we make things stress free
6 Action Plan and Summing Up Get valuable tips to reflect on the learning and consolidate them for practical implementation. Includes session to address questions of course participants