Managerial Development


In this competitive era of cutting edge technology, there is an inherent need for the “see through the fog” approach to be adopted in building, nurturing and developing organizations. There is a strong need to add an entirely new dimension that is in line with the organizational goals and objectives to stay relevant and successful. This requires employees to process a strong capability of managerial development.

One is expected to strengthen their leadership potential to improve, engage and take your team further. It enhances ones overall ability to plan, streamline, guide and manage resources.

About Managerial Development Training Program

Our Managerial Development Training Program helps professionals develop a keen sense of accountability and a culture of learning. It empowers you to deal with the roadblocks in the organization without getting stagnated, while keeping in view the vision and mission of the organization. The strategic issues that people at the managerial level have to deal with can be amicably resolved by taking this program.

Training Objectives

The program helps people seize opportunities in today’s competitive scenario and deliver an optimal level of performance in organization. We specialize in the following:

Strategic Planning

Performance Development

Crisis Management

Stakeholder Management


Navigating Change


Effective Team Building

Business Consulting

Negotiation Strategies


The course will be offered through intensive in-class modules in our office based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The course is inclusive of faculty presentations, case discussions, skill building exercises and personal coaching. We also invite guest speakers to our office to provide inputs and share their experiences, helping people relate to real life situations.

We also provide assignments that would help apply what is taught in the practical sense. One would be able to create strategies and sharpen their abilities through this endeavour.

Who Can Attend?

This program helps professionals to improve their business acumen and evolve as successful professionals. It is extremely ideal for executives at any level from any industry. The global nature of the program makes it suitable for people at any part of the world. Participants associated with startups and established firms would be able to gain the most and leverage growth opportunities. Even MBA graduates and freshers seeking to refresh their managerial skills can benefit from this program.

Program Outline

Week Module Learning Objectives
1 Objectives and Desired Outcomes Overview of the program and understanding the desired outcomes of participants
2 Why Managerial Development? Provides insights into the principles of managerial leadership and the qualities of good professional. Helps understand qualities that do not make people good leaders.
3 Strengths and Talents Learn how to make an impact in your organization by accepting your strengths and nurturing talent-keeping away your mental flaws and biases that prevent people from becoming successful.
4 Processes and Tools We will introduce you to evidence based approaches that have been helping people deliver effective outcomes historically. You will also gain tremendously from the knowledge of leadership Tools
5 Conversations Helps you to deal with workplace issues that arise due to conflicts, behavior of employees and lack of communication
6 Action Plan and Summing Up Get valuable tips to reflect on the learning and consolidate them for practical implementation. Includes session to address questions of course participants