Performance Management


The most important aspect of business is the brain behind every move. All factors quintessential to proceed on a business are one side and the performer is on the other side. Finally the performer has to take the driver’s seat and take reins in his hand. The employers, managers or heads of any organization have their own methods to assess the quantity and quality of the inputs given by their employees time to time. Performance Management speaks clearly about the objectives, planning, execution and review of the organization and helps assess each individual’s contribution to his organization and growth. It gives a clear picture about the motto, nature of jobs, framework of activities, modalities, hurdles and gains that shows the clear path and principles.

About Performance Management Training

Every organization differs in its size, longevity, nature of product and object specifications. Keeping this in view, we offer a diversified course material to meet the requirements of the organization in assessment. The Training team constitutes experts who can gauge the job requirement, staff requirement, choice of right people, work culture and work ethics to promote healthy working atmosphere. The training lays emphasis on recruitment procedure, training for staff, discipline and other key factors.

Training Objective

Opening session on Performance management-

Fair assessment techniques and guidance to different perspectives

Fixing hiring policies, exit policy and legislation and

Appraisal and review of both short and
long duration performances

Designing performance assessment
norms and forms

Encouraging right standard performance-motivational

Developing a system, brochure or manual for training and orientation

Pre requisite standards and code to be followed by assessors


We provide this opportunity at our office in Chennai, Tamilnadu. The course will be offered through eminent guest lectures, talks, demos and presentations -to build up healthy and effective learning and understanding. Provide the first hand learning experience to trainees through self participation and case studies. We enable you to making critical observations and analyze findings through interactions. We are expert in handling real world situations. These sessions enlighten the trainees richly with ins and outs of entire Human Resource Management and H.R.Techniques by seasoned professionals.

Who can attend?

This program helps the organizations which would like to set up a strong and healthy atmosphere. Persons from small and big offices, private and IT sectors business sectors and others. People who long for streamlined administration to bring out clear hiring and exit policies, legal issues. Promote smooth flow of work and welfare of workers. To those who look forward for bringing effective changes in the administration and operational matters. It is ideal to all types of offices companies and organizations to set up standardized norms and conditions. A guiding session to young entrepreneurs who are teaming up with high spirits to kick start new start ups.

Program outline

Week Module Learning Objectives
1 Overview of the program- meaning and procedures followed in assessing performance. Focusing on importance of performance analysis and benefits there on,– criteria for assessment- Discussing components and norms of performance assessment
2 Understanding, fair assessment techniques-guidance to different perspectives.-Hiring policies-new amendments--discussions To provide insights into various norms and regulations for different work groups and nature of work – Healthy working trends –incentives and motivation.
3 Creating healthy work-home balance. Recognizing and appreciating the brilliant contribution and creativity Learn how to provide conducive work atmosphere- promoting innovation and creativity in work.
4 Identifying problems and solutions in hiring policies and working systems, hours of work, overtime and so on Bringing clear insight into how to deal with issues regarding hiring, dismissal and legal issues
5 Take away session with a one to one interaction on clear performance management-regarding various strategies implementation. Case studies to gain hands on experience Gathering right set of strategy—study and understand the effective results of implementations thereof.
6 Action Plan and Summing Up Get valuable tips to reflect on the learning and consolidate them for practical implementation. Includes concluding session to address questions of course participants